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Drosera filiformis var. tracyi | carnivorous plants seeds | 10 seeds

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Drosera filiformis tracyi, the Southern Dewthread, is a temperate Drosera found in the Southern most regions of Mississippi and Alabama, and along the Florida panhandle. It is frequently seen in strikingly large stands along moist roadsides, bogs, and sandy moist depressions in pine woods. Drosera filiformis tracyi is the largest Sundew species in the United States. The Southern Dewthread is large, getting up to 50 cm tall. This species differs visually from the more Northern variety by being slightly larger and the glands on the tip of the tentacles are greenish. The Southern Dewthread produces fertile pink flowers in April. The narrow green leaves are upright and covered with hundreds of tiny green hair-like structures, which are in turn covered by a mucilage in which insects are trapped and then digested. Enzymes are produced by the hairs which dissolve the insect, which is then absorbed by the leaf.

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