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Sales terms & business conditions


  • ordering process

1. at E-shop

  Choose please items and quantity which you would like, fill carefully all personal informations necessary for clear Delivery proces as your name, completely delivery address, email and telephone contact, choose type of payment and type of delivery and confirm your order. If you'll choose PayPal or credit card payment you'll automaticaly redirected to payment gate. If you'll choose bank transfer, WU or cash payment you'll get pro-forma invoice with all informations for successfully payment process.  After the receiving payment we ship orders immediately.  Sometimes may be dely if weather is no suitable for shipping.

2. Through email

   Send please your wishlist with name, delivery address, type of payment and type of delivery to czplants@czplants.com and/or czplants@icloud.com and/or czplants@outlook.com. For the next steps we will contact you in short time.

 3. Through SKYPE, Facebook or Twitter

        We are waiting for your wishes at SKYPE / FB / Twitter: czplants

- prices

all available items are with „pay button“. Prices are basicly in Euro but are convertible into more accetable curencies (optional in eshop) We have no any minimum order limits. You can choose free bonus items into your order according rules described in bonus category.


- payment

credit cards – automaticaly online through payment gate immediately after ordering proces (4% transaction fee)

PayPal - automaticaly online immediately after ordering proces (5% transaction fee)

bank transfer – after order you‘ll get pro-forma invoice with all informations for payment (4% transaction fee)

Western Union (WU) – after order you‘ll get pro-forma invoice with all informations for payment (0% transaction fee)

- shipping

all orders are shipped ASAP after ordering & payment proces. We ship via Czech post company (USPS or others national post companies according country) as registered trackable 1st priority parcel or EMS express parcel and  you'll get tracking number immediately after shipping. Delivery price is calculating according weight of your order and its from Eur 5,- (seeds and smaller order by 1st priority post using up to Eur 60,- for bigger orders EMS express Delivery using)
If required, we will add CITES/phytosanitary certificates, price is Eur 30,- for shippment. This documents are recommended for larger orders shipped outside of the European Union (f.e. Brazil, Japan, USA, etc)

living plants & tissue culture - shipped worldwide year around when temperatures are up zero °C / 32°F. In deep freeze  / too high temperature days we move shipping into closest „good weather“ date. About this we inform via email.

seeds - year around

gemmae – in gemmae season, usualy from September untill April.

hibernacula (hardy Pinguicula and Drosera), turions (Utricularia and Aldrovanda) - from Autumn untill Spring months.

All our products comes from cultures and they are not collected from the wild.