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How to order

1. Through our E-shop

Please select the items and quantity you want, provide your name and the address the order is to be delivered to, choose your payment method and type of delivery and then confirm your order. The system will email you the invoice immediately.

It should be noted that we have some species in limited quantities, therefor, you should wait for the second order confirmation to make sure everything is in stock. This usually takes about two days. Next, you need to pay for your order via whatever method you selected. After we receive the payment, we will contact you with information regarding the date of your shipment.

2. By email

Please write a list of all the items you would like to purchase, provide your name and delivery address, type of payment and delivery. Send this information to either czplants@czplants.com, czplants@email.cz or czplants@gmail.com. We will then contact you with further instructions.

3. Via SKYPE

We await your order at Skype: czplants