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Nepenthes hirsuta | spotted | 4 - 6 cm

Nepenthes hirsuta | spotted | 4 - 6 cm
Nepenthes hirsuta | spotted | 4 - 6 cm
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History: First introduced in 2006.

Item Description: This is the form from Gng. Serapi, which generally has large greenish egg-shaped pitchers with purple speckling.

Cultivation Notes: As with all our lowland and some of our intermediate growing species, these plants have been weaned out of microprop using artificial lighting and high humidity. They are in a highly vigorous growth mode and as such, the leaves are not very hard because they are growing so extremely quickly, plus this species naturally has soft leaves anyway. Because they are so vigorous, they will establish easily and put on size quickly. The root systems are well developed, but when first received they will require high humidity at all times until settled in, even during the early handling stages.

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