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Nepenthes x Lady Pauline | 8 - 10 cm

Nepenthes x Lady Pauline | 8 - 10 cm
Nepenthes x Lady Pauline | 8 - 10 cm
Nepenthes x Lady Pauline | 8 - 10 cm
Nepenthes x Lady Pauline | 8 - 12 cm
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New for April 2023!

This beauty is a selected cultivar of Nepenthes maxima x talangensis, which we’ve have had in cultivation for a very long time and was named in one of our Chelsea Flower Show exhibits nearly 20 years ago. We use it in our breeding programs, but this is the first time we’ve been able to release this exact clone and it will be generally available through any of our Distributors as from next week.

Originating from a grower in Germany, it was originally supplied to us as a single clone. However, upon growing it out we found that there were both male and female plants appearing. The specific plant that was exhibited and named ‘Lady Pauline’ turned out to be a male and after a process lasting many years, it’s that same clone that we have isolated for this release. This item differs from earlier releases of the same cross under BE-3679 and BE-3927 in that so far as we know, this item is of a single clone and is a male.

History: Introduced in April 2023.

Origin: From a clone out of microprop originating in Germany in the 1990s.

Source: From a single clone out of microprop.

Photo notes: Plants shipped are of the same clone as shown in these photos.

Climate: Highland

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