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Nepenthes rajah x (burbidgeae x edwardsiana) | > 15 cm

Nepenthes rajah x (burbidgeae x edwardsiana) | 6 - 8 cm
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catalogue number: be4551l
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New for Sept 2022!

selected clone # 3

This is a selected clone of what might well be the most exciting cross we have ever created. Imagine Nepenthes x ‘alisputrana’ but with Nepenthes edwardsiana mixed in! This hybrid compounds three of the most iconic species from Sabah and has the potential to be extremely large and spectacular in every way – perhaps even record-breaking. All three parent species grow in close proximity on Mr Kinabalu in Sabah, so it’s practically certain this hybrid will have existed naturally at some time in the past.

This clone is not included amongst the assorted clones sometimes offered under BE-3902 although it is from the same grex. It was chosen from amongst a huge number of candidate clones, initially for it’s vigor and then from amongst others for it’s rich coloration. At the time of launch we still only have juvenile plants, but what we can see so far is encouraging. The last six photos in the series are labelled as parent plants of BE-3902, which are also the parent plants of this item. 

History: First introduced in Sept 2022.

Origin: Horticultural, bred by Borneo Exotics from specimen parent plants.

Source: From a single carefully selected clone out of microprop.

Photo notes: Plants shipped are of the same clone as shown in these photos.

Climate: Highland

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