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Nepenthes muluensis x lowii | 4 - 6 cm

Nepenthes muluensis x lowii | 6 - 9 cm
39.99 € (43.52 $)
catalogue number: be3128
price:39.99 € (43.52 $)
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Date added: 16 January 2021.

History: First introduced on our old PDF pricelist around 2004, it was only rarely in stock. It was then added to the auctions in June 2018 appearing only occasionally and was last auctioned in July 2020. It was added to the online shop for the first time in Jan 2021.

Description: So far as we are aware, this item is the only example of this naturally occurring hybrid anywhere in cultivation. Pitchers on this clone have excellent colouration, even when plants are small, so this hybrid is a superb candidate for terrariums and is far more vigorous than either parent species. Highly recommended!

Source: From a single naturally occurring clone out of microprop.

Climate: Highland

Very rare natural hybrid with dark purple extremely tough pitchers. Pitchers have great colouration even when plants are small, so this hybrid is the best candidate we know of for a terrarium Nepenthes.

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