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Nepenthes glabrata x veitchii | 10 - 15 cm

Nepenthes glabrata x veitchii | 8 - 10 cm
Nepenthes glabrata x veitchii | 8 - 10 cm
Nepenthes glabrata x veitchii | 8 - 10 cm
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catalogue number: be4563m
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New for April 2023!

At the time of launch (April 2023) we don’t yet have mature plants, but this is clearly turning out to be a pretty cross. The juvenile pitchers of the clones we have so far show vibrantly colored pitchers with contrasting lime-green peristomes.

The female parent is a seed-grown N. glabrata and the male parent is a seed-grown N. veitchii with an unusual bronze peristome and our collection ID# 0216. The male parent is shown as the last photo in the series.

Sometimes also available at larger sizes

History: First introduced in Oct 2022 It was added to the shop in Jan 2022.

Origin: Horticultural, bred by Borneo Exotics from specimen parent plants.

Source: A random selection from a large number of different clones out of microprop.

Photo notes: Photos are of representative clones and may not be identical to plants shipped.


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