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Nepenthes maxima | Lumut | 8 - 10 cm

Nepenthes maxima | all individual | 8 - 10 cm
Nepenthes maxima | all individual | 8 - 10 cm
Nepenthes maxima | Lumut | 8 - 10 cm
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History: This item has remained consistently popular ever since it’s introduction to horticulture in 2003. Back then, we selected this specific clone as being the best out of hundreds of candidate clones of the species. In the 20 years since it was first introduced, we’ve continued our search to try to find a better clone, using seed from many different locations, and none of them has ever come close to this one – which remains supreme. It last went out of stock in Oct 2020 and returned in Oct 2021.

Description: A highly variable and vigorous species from Sulawesi and New Guinea. We believe this to be by far the most spectacular form of N. maxima in cultivation anywhere, with the possible exception of the wavy leafed forms of the species (which have novelty value, but none have pitchers like this). Red-striped pitchers compliment a beautiful glossy red and burgundy peristome. It’s also very fast and easy to grow. A most rewarding plant for growers of all abilities!

Climate: Highland

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