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Nepenthes lowii | Trusmadi | 4 - 6 cm

Nepenthes lowii | Trusmadi | 6 - 7 cm
Nepenthes lowii | Trusmadi | 4 - 6 cm
Nepenthes lowii | Trusmadi | 4 - 6 cm
99.99 € (108.81 $)
catalogue number: be3100
price:99.99 € (108.81 $)
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Returning for Feb 2023 with limited availability

A truly fabulous species, with extremely tough purple/green pitchers. It is slow growing, but highly rewarding, since few other species have such contrasting and unique upper and lower pitchers. It’s famous for feeding on the droppings of tree shrews and occasionally birds, which it lures with a sugary exudate from under the lid of both lower and upper pitchers.

This particular clone was selected as the best out of 24 clones for being the most vigorous and it produces robust plants, which are fully typical of the species. As it naturally grows in very humid montaine moss forests, even mature plants often have lightly developed root systems. Since it’s a characteristic of the species, the plants we ship often have few roots, but because they are so well hardened, they are still easy to establish.

History:  First introduced on our old pricelist in 2001, this item was rarely in stock due to high demand. In March 2018 it was transferred to our online shop for the first time.

Origin: Horticultural.

Source: From a single carefully selected clone out of microprop.

Climate: Highland

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