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  • 2. 8. 2021 - NEW DHL Express delivery available!!!. Delivery in 2 days across EU, in 4 days rest of the World
  • 24. 7. 2021 - NEW seeds and seeds in stock - VFT Dionaea muscipula clones: Phalanx, Cup Trap backcross, Z11, Cropped teeth, Bimbo, Red Dragon, Bohemian Garnet, Red Purple, Adentate, Big Mouth, Periscope, B52, Diflora Wizard, Coq Couché x Up Giant nr.1, Prolifera 2, Crispy Sun, Claytons Red Sunset, Pale Trap, B01, Brutal Shark, Big Jaws, Akai ryu - more clones, Red Dagger
  • 23. 7. 2021 - NEW plants in stock - Pinguicula planifolia, Drosera slackii, D. rotundifolia, D. venusta alba, D. capensis all red, D. admirabilis, D. oblanceolata, D. madagascariensis, D. affinis, D. x Linulata, D. x Watari, D. capillaris x intermedia, D. rotundifolia var. alba, D. intermedia var. alba, D. intermedia, D. neocaledonica x oblanceolata
  • 22. 7. 2021 - NEW plants in stock - Dionaea muscipula VFT - All green, Olive green, H15, ARPC, South west giant, Spider, Schuppenstiel, Bimbo, X11, Eyelashes, Towering giant, Red Bull, Sharktooth
  • 20. 7. 2021 - NEW plants in stock - Heliamphora exappendiculata Giant Bubble Aprada Adult pitchers, H. exappendiculata Abacapá Adult adult, H. minor pilosa Auyán Adult flowerable, H. neblinae 18 cm adult, H. nutans Yuruaní Adult, H. parva Adult, H. parva Giant lid - Adult super rare
  • 10. 7. 2021 - NEW plants in stock - Heliamphora purpurascens Ptari, H. exappendiculata Amuri, H. exappendiculata Araopan, H. exappendiculata Chimanta, H. exappendiculata Hairy Apacapa, H. pulchella Chimanta, H. minor Auyan, H. ionasii Ilu Tepui, H. minor var. pillosa Giant, H. pulchella Black, H. uncinata Amuri, H. sarracenoides