Nepenthes ampullaria x (veitchii x lowii) | 6 - 10 cm

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39.99 € (43.7 $)

This easy-to-grow intermediate cross embodies some of the most interesting characteristics of all three diverse parent species. At the time of launch (March 2022), we have only seen lower and intermediate pitchers, but we expect that the uppers should be fascinatingly flared.

Description: The female parent is a ‘Harlequin’ form of N. ampullaria, sold many years ago as CR-13 and which has our Collection ID# 1245. The male parent is a seed-grown specimen of N. veitchii x lowii, which is a remarkable robust plant, producing huge pitchers, which exude copious amounts of nectar from the underside of their lids.

This particular clone was selected for its speckled pitcher coloration.

As it’s a highland-lowland cross, it’s an easy grower and tolerant of a wide range of temperatures.

Climate: Intermediate