Nepenthes mirabilis var. echinostoma | Purple | 6 - 10 cm

catalogue number:be3363
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price excl. VAT:54.99 € (60.09 $)

54.99 € (60.09 $)

The echinostoma form by is far the most extreme variation of the species. It’s amazing upraised peristome ribs make it unique in the entire genus.

This item is from an entirely different grex of seeds to the clone sometimes sold under BE-3372 and although we have yet to grow it to maturity, we suspect it may turn out to be similar to the first two photos in the series shown here, which are of clone #3 from the grex, whereas this item is clone #1. 

History: First introduced around 2001 as nursery-grown plants on our old PDF price list, after we closed our lowland nurseries in 2012, it became unavailable for over ten years until it was added to the online shop in Aug 2022.

Photo notes: The first two photos in the series are of a different clone originating from the same grex of seeds. We are not sure how similar the coloration will be, but we think it will be similar. The last two photos in the series are of very juvenile plants from the same clone show that the pitchers are already starting to color up.

Source: From a single selected clone out of microprop.

Climate: Lowland