Nepenthes burkei | Halcon | 6 - 10 cm

catalogue number:BE3254
availability: available
price excl. VAT:29.99 € (29.65 $)

29.99 € (29.65 $)

History: We were proud to be the first to introduce this item to commercial cultivation through our old PDF price list in July 2007. It was added to the online shop for the first time in Aug 2020. It last went out of stock in Nov 2020, returning for April 2022.

Description:  This species is often under-appreciated. We find the hard, woody pitchers exceptionally attractive, being red flecked on a yellow/green background with lustrous scalloped peristome. If pruned back it will form dense clusters of basal growths and many pitchers, with it being rare to find a leaf not developing a pitcher. This makes an ideal beginner’s plant and being an intermediate grower, tolerates a wide range of temperatures.